Revitalise your home with modern elegance: Taylorglaze uPVC sash windows!

The sash window is a traditional British design, providing a classic look; Taylorglaze have improved and updated the design for a modern world.

Not only do our replacement UPVC Sash Windows slide up and down vertically but also tilt inwards when required for easy cleaning and ventilation.

With a beautiful sculptured frame, bead and Georgian bar, our UPVC sash windows fully integrate with the rest of our range of UPVC windows, So you can create a stylish matching look throughout your home with confidence.

Our new UPVC sash window range combines cutting edge UPVC window technology, with the classic look of a sash window.

It provides the perfect solution for a period home renovation project or a simple replacement for a draughty, single frame sash.
uPVC Sash Windows Overview
uPVC Sash Windows Features and Benefits You'll save on your heating bills and never have to suffer chilly draughty windows, odd rattles or annoying jams again.

Features and benefits

UPVC sash windows are very low maintenance, for instance you'll never have to paint UPVC sash windows.

UPVC sash windows come with energy efficient glazing and storm proof seals, meaning you'll save on your heating bills and never have to suffer chilly draughty windows, odd rattles or annoying jams again.

  • A rated as standard on all our UPVC sash windows.
  • Tilt restrictors ensure smooth movement and safe operation of your UPVC sash windows (no trapped fingers!) and will stay open in any position to allow you to clean them or cool your home.
  • Ergonomically shaped handles allow you to slide the sashes safely through the full range of movement.
  • Key locking catches provide extra security from intruders and bring peace of mind.
  • Internally glazed to improve security (glass cannot be removed from the outside).
  • Fully compliant with the latest building regulations.
  • Full choice of frame colours including brilliant white, and wood effects plus wood effects on white.
  • UPVC sash windows are as elegant as wooden sash windows.
  • No iron and lead sash weights on a waxed cord, which are prone to breaking.


Our UPVC Sash windows combine the exceptional heat preserving properties of top quality Taylorglaze double glazing with the heat conserving power of UPVC frames.

UPVC is the most energy efficient materials to frame your windows and you can explore more detail on how our designs reach the specifications for a-rated windows or opt for our standard window that still reaches an energy savvy, industry standard C rating.

All our windows have a double weather seal and a solid guarantee on all elements of the window, meaning no leaks, gaps, draughts or other issues that will allow heat to escape from your home and cause escalating heating bills.

Taylorglaze can provide you with the ultimate in energy efficiency; visit the energy saving windows section of the site for more information on how our a-rated windows work.
uPVC Sash Windows Energy
uPVC Sash Windows Colour Finishes

Colour finishes

Your UPVC sash windows can be styled to reflect the elegance of your home; shades available range from the traditional white or cream which gives a painted wood look, through to wood effect finishes that look just like authentic timber frames.

The choice of colour is yours, so you can pick the one that best suits the style of your home and your personal preference.

Make your UPVC sash windows a unique feature to suit your home’s signature style by using our specialist colour matching service.

We can match your windows to literally any RAL colour, from your walls to your wellington boots.

The special colour coating is developed as a spray on paint that bonds perfectly to the UPVC sash windows giving a smooth satin finish that forms an extra protective coating that never needs re-painting. It doesn’t chip, crack or flake, and is guaranteed to stay weatherproof for 10 years.

There’s a choice of different handle styles plus you can choose from a wide range of glass designs including leaded lights, obscure glass and Georgian bars.

Glazing designs

You may want plain clear glass in your new UPVC sash windows; however there are a number of beautiful glazing options available to add an elegant twist to your home.

Taylorglaze offers an exciting range of double glazed sealed units, available in bevelled, coloured and leaded glass designs.

Bevelled glass gives the appearance of depth and substance, so adding a further reinforcement of the impression of your new UPVC sash windows being crafted from the highest quality materials.

Coloured glass in a variety of shades can be added to the border or positioned in the centre of the unit, see our gallery for inspiration.

Your UPVC sash windows can also feature traditional, diamond or Georgian leaded patterns across the whole surface or at the edges to create a lovely traditional visual detail in keeping with a period home.
uPVC Sash Windows Glazing Designs

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