Timeless elegance: transform your home with Taylorglaze timber windows!

Timber windows create a warm, welcoming and traditional look to your home and are ideal for older of listed properties to maintain the original character of the building.

Timber windows also allow for the use of natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials to minimise your ecological impact on the Earth.

You can alter the appearance of your timber windows with many different paints and varnishes as well as choice of European softwoods and tropical hardwoods.

As you’d expect from Taylorglaze there’s also a host of innovative glazing options available as well.

Like all Taylorglaze windows, our timber windows are double glazed and energy efficient, using the very latest glass technology to provide superior insulation, keeping heat in and noise out! Timber windows from Taylorglaze are also available as an 'A' rated window for maximum energy savings.

You'll also enjoy total peace of mind with our 10 year guarantee as standard.
Timber Windows Overview
Timber Windows Features and Benefits

Features and benefits

Our timber windows are:
  • Timber windows also allow for the use of natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials to minimise your ecological impact on the Earth.
  • A-Rated as standard in our timber casement designs.
  • Made from environmentally-friendly European softwood or tropical hardwood.
  • Made-to-measure to fit your home - and available in a range of designs and styles to match your vision.
  • Built to last - they won't need painting for years and come with a 10 year guarantee on materials and workmanship and a 10 year guarantee against rot and fungi.
  • Combine many of the modern performance features of our UPVC windows with traditional wooden frames.
  • Every wooden window is manufactured and designed to last a lifetime.
  • Cabinet grade ‘Sideboard’ knot-free timber.
  • Laminated for enhanced stability (doesn’t warp).
  • Precision machined ensuring tight joints.
  • Pressure preservation to ensure long life.
  • Electro-statically painted to ensure a thorough and even coating.
  • Classically styled with modern features to replicate the timeless beauty of wooden windows with the benefits of modern technology.
You'll also enjoy total peace of mind with our 10 year guarantee as standard.


Our timber windows combine all the exceptional heat preserving properties of top quality Taylorglaze double glazing.

Our energy rated windows use a new generation glass on the inner pane, which quite literally reflects heat back into the room. The outer pane comprises of a specially-formulated, ultra-clear glass.

This ‘white glass’ allows both more light and heat to pass through the window and into your home, maximising the amount of free warmth you get from the sun.

All our windows have a double weather seal and a solid guarantee on all elements of the window, meaning no leaks, gaps, draughts or other issues that will allow heat to escape from your home and cause escalating heating bills.

Taylorglaze can provide you with the ultimate in energy efficiency; visit the energy saving windows section of the site for more information on how our a-rated windows work.
Timber Windows Energy
Timber Windows Colour Finishes

Colour finishes

Let your timber windows reflect the character of your home; choose from different woods, varnishes and paints to create a truly unique look that really suits your home.

Shades available range from the traditional white or cream painted wood, through to subtle or dramatic stains and finishes that tone perfectly with the building.

We use a specially developed paint that bonds perfectly and evenly to the wood giving a smooth satin finish that forms an extra protective coating that won’t need re-painting for years. It doesn’t chip, crack or flake easily, and the window is covered by our 10 year guarantee.

There’s a choice of different handle styles plus you can choose from a wide range of glass designs including leaded lights, obscure glass and Georgian bars.

Glazing designs

You may want clear glass for your side frame windows and top openers of your new timber windows; however there are a number of gorgeous glazing options available to add a stylish twist to your home.

Taylorglaze offers an exclusive range of double glazed units, available in bevelled, coloured and leaded glass designs. Bevelled glass in top lights gives the appearance of depth, so adding a further impression of substance to your fabulous new timber windows.

Coloured glass in a variety of shades can be added to the border or positioned in the centre of the unit, see our gallery for inspiration.

Your timber windows can also feature assorted traditional, diamond or Georgian leaded patterns across the whole surface or at the edges to create a picturesque visual detail often associated with older buildings.

The only limit to what is possible is your imagination, so let your creative side take control!
Timber Windows Glazing Designs

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