Introducing the Symphony Window - unparalleled excellence in PVC-U sash windows

When it comes to PVC-U sash windows, the Bygone Symphony stands as the epitome of excellence in the market.

If you're looking for nothing less than the very best, this is the window that exceeds all expectations. Packed with a comprehensive range of optional extras, the Symphony now boasts the cutting-edge FINEO vacuum insulating glazing, achieving an impressive U-value of 1.2 for unrivalled energy efficiency.

What sets the Symphony apart:

Authentic Timber Appearance:

With wood grain textured acrylic foil on all profiles and traditional vertical sealed "butt jointed" construction at every corner, the Symphony offers an impeccable appearance that replicates the charm of original timber sash windows.

Super-Slim External Transom:

An exclusive 'Bygone only' feature, the 39mm super-slim external transom adds a touch of sophistication, sure to catch the eye and impress even the most discerning conservation officers.

Energy Efficiency:

Achieving a WER "A" rating with slimline 18mm sealed units containing Krypton gas, the Symphony allows for deeper internal Georgian bars and glazing beads, while chamfered external bars provide the traditional 'putty-line' glazed appearance.

Enhanced Security:

With fully steel-reinforced sashes and the added security of exclusive stainless steel Bygone clawed cam catches, the Symphony is fully "secured by design" compliant, making it police-approved and the preferred choice for sash windows.

Choose the Symphony Window for the ultimate combination of classic elegance and modern performance in PVC-U sash windows.
Introducing the Symphony Window - unparalleled excellence in PVC-U sash windows When it comes to PVC-U sash windows, the Bygone Symphony stands as the epitome of excellence in the market.

Exploring window styles and their distinctive features

To aid you in envisioning the appearance of your upcoming sash windows, we've compiled a selection of the most sought-after window designs.

These examples provide you with a glimpse of the diverse array of options at your disposal.

Keep in mind that the layout of Georgian bars plays a crucial role in shaping the windows' aesthetics, so it's essential to choose designs that harmonise with your existing windows or those that were historically present.

Introducing Symphony with FINEO Vacuum Insulating Glazing

Symphony has long been celebrated as the ultimate timber alternative sash window, renowned for its unique and exquisite features that make it nearly indistinguishable from real timber.

Now, with the integration of FINEO's cutting-edge technology, this exceptional product has taken a monumental step forward in emulating the qualities of a traditional timber window with single glazing.

This advanced technology brings together remarkably high thermal insulation, impressive soundproofing capabilities, and unmatched durability.

Symphony with FINEO performs as effectively as triple glazing while maintaining a lighter and slimmer profile, all while retaining the charming aesthetics of single glazing.

It's a game-changer in the world of sash windows.
When authentic timber appearance is a must

When authentic timber appearance is a must

Symphony windows have been meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern windows while adhering to current building regulations. However, their primary mission goes beyond mere compliance.

These windows are an embodiment of timeless elegance, seamlessly blending into their surroundings while retaining the character, charm, and enduring period feel that makes your home unique.

With Symphony windows, you not only meet contemporary standards but also elevate your living space with the warmth and aesthetics of timber.

Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure that these windows exude authenticity, making them a choice that not only meets requirements but surpasses expectations.

Experience the perfect harmony of modern functionality and classic appeal with Symphony windows.

Introducing the
Integral Mullion

When you examine PVC sash windows from other manufacturers, you often encounter bulky coupled frames or single windows that are simply screwed together.

However, our innovative slim-line integral mullion revolutionises this approach.

Now, all Symphony windows feature this cutting-edge mullion, reducing the bulkiness by over 50mm.

The result is a reproduction of elegant multi-light windows with impeccable proportions, closely resembling the sophistication of wooden windows.
Introducing the Integral Mullion
Timberweld® Craftsmanship

Timberweld® Craftsmanship

For centuries, timber sash windows have been crafted with the time-honoured "mortice and tenoned" vertical joints. However, replicating these joints in PVC-U materials presents distinct challenges.

In the case of Bygone Symphony windows, every corner features Timberweld® traditional vertical joints. Combined with a wood-grained, textured acrylic foil, these joints create the flawless appearance of an authentic sash window.

While the standard offering is in white, we also provide the option of a cream-coloured foil.

If you're seeking something truly unique, you might consider the striking contrast of black frames with white sashes or explore a wide range of colours from the "Farrow and Ball" or "RAL" chart to find the perfect complement for your home.

The remarkable 39mm super-slim mid-rail

Historically, the mid-rail on a sash window has posed a challenge due to PVC-U profiles requiring a minimum width of 52mm.

This width is necessary not only to provide the strength to support the glass in the top sash but also to accommodate the required space for steel reinforcement.

However, with the Bygone Symphony, a groundbreaking achievement in PVC-U sash windows has been introduced—a 'Super-Slim' external mid-rail measuring a mere 39mm. While this may seem like a small difference of just 13mm, the impact on aesthetics is truly remarkable. It renders the Symphony almost indistinguishable from its timber counterpart.

Furthermore, the internal 62mm meeting rail has been replaced with a much slimmer 52mm version.

This adjustment results in sleeker sight lines while still allowing ample space within the profile to incorporate steel reinforcement for securing bespoke furniture.
The Remarkable 39mm Super-Slim Mid-rail
Elegant slimline sealed units with deep bars and beads

Elegant slimline sealed units with deep bars and beads

While all our windows come with steel reinforcement, meet secured design standards, and boast an "A rating" as the standard, Symphony takes it a step further with its slim 18mm sealed units, generously filled with Krypton gas.

Krypton gas outperforms in narrower units compared to the more common bulky double-glazed ones. This innovation allows the internal aesthetics of the window to feature exceptionally deep astragal bars and glazing beads.

Our interlocking Georgian bars elegantly form a grille securely attached to the glass surface, while patented stainless steel Georgi-clips ensure the bar ends are firmly held in place.

To maintain a classic "putty-glazed" appearance, both sashes and bars feature external chamfers.

Tailored locks and discreet limit stops

In every Symphony sash window, you'll find meticulously chosen locks designed to complement your chosen colour scheme.

Each window comes equipped with either a single or a pair of solid stainless steel cam catches, securely attached with multiple screws to prevent any forced separation. What sets Bygone apart is the inclusion of both left and right-handed cams in pairs, ensuring large sashes are perfectly cantered within the frame for enhanced security.

Furthermore, every keep is affixed using four screws, two for precise vertical alignment and two that anchor horizontally into the steel reinforcement. To safeguard the plated surface of the stainless steel claw, each keep is equipped with a special nylon insert.

Lastly, all our sash windows feature a pair of discreetly recessed limit stops.

These stops operate with a silky-smooth action and remain unobtrusive, sitting flush with the sash's surface until they are engaged during opening.