Elegant and affordable melody sash windows

Introducing the Melody Sash Windows, a perfect blend of beauty and value.

These sash windows share identical frame and sash profiles with our Symphony and Harmony products, showcasing the exquisite wood-grained, textured acrylic foil on all profiles.

Every deep bottom rail and continuous run-through horn features traditional butt joints, adding to their classic charm. With "A-rated" 24mm sealed units filled with Argon gas, Melody allows for the inclusion of internal Georgian bars and glazing beads.

The chamfered external bars provide the timeless appearance of traditional putty-glazed windows.

Additionally, fully steel-reinforced sashes and the exclusive Acorn or Beehive-designed stainless steel Bygone clawed cam catches ensure top-notch security, making Melody fully compliant with the "secured by design" standards, the preferred choice endorsed by the police for sash windows.

Experience the perfect combination of affordability and elegance with Melody Sash Windows.
Elegant and affordable melody sash windows
Sash window styles and notable characteristics

Sash window styles and notable characteristics

In addition to the visual impact, the choice of window style and design can also affect the functionality and ambiance of your living space.

Whether you prefer the classic elegance of traditional Georgian bars or the sleek simplicity of a more contemporary design, your selection can enhance the character of your home.

Our wide range of window styles and key features ensures that you not only achieve the desired aesthetics but also create an environment that suits your unique preferences and lifestyle.

Explore the possibilities and transform your living spaces with sash windows that perfectly complement your vision.

Conventional glazing bars and bead

While all our windows come with standard steel reinforcement, secured design certification, and an "A rating," Melody features our conventional 24mm sealed units (4:16:4mm) filled with Argon gas.

With this configuration, your windows may not have the deep bar, but they still interlock to create a grille securely affixed to the glass surface.

The bar ends are firmly clamped in place using our patented stainless steel Georgi clips.

Additionally, externally chamfered sashes and bars maintain the traditional "putty-glazed" appearance, adding timeless charm to your home.
Conventional glazing bars and bead
Melody, crafted with attention to detail in wood grain finish

Melody, crafted with attention to detail in wood grain finish

If you value quality and are working within a budget, Melody emerges as an excellent choice

Melody maintains its commitment to craftsmanship with mitred corner joints while preserving the traditional features of run-through horns and deep bottom rails, crafted using vertical "mortice and tenoned" joints.

The inclusion of a grained, textured, acrylic wood foil is standard, ensuring an authentic appearance.

Moreover, you have the freedom to select black frames with white sashes or explore a wide range of colours from renowned options like "Farrow and Ball" or "RAL" to find the perfect paint to suit your style and preferences.

Melody offers an affordable yet refined solution for those who value both quality and budget-conscious choices.

Locks designed to match your choice of finish and discreet limit stops

Each Bygone Melody sash window comes equipped with either a single or a pair of robust stainless steel cam catches and face-fixed keeps.

What sets us apart is our patented innovation—a pair of left and right-hand cams designed to centralise larger sashes within the frame, enhancing security. Even our single cams are secured with three screws to ensure they remain firmly in place and can't be forced apart.

Furthermore, every keep is affixed using four screws: two for precise vertical alignment and two anchoring horizontally into steel reinforcement.

Additionally, each keep features a special nylon insert to safeguard the plated surface of the stainless steel claw.

Unlike clunky, surface-mounted devices that can be challenging to operate, all Bygone sash windows incorporate a pair of recessed limit stops.

These stops offer a silky-smooth operation and remain unobtrusive, staying flush with the surface of the sash until they are engaged during opening.